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The Lands of Ophidium

Ophidium, also known as the Serpent Coast, is peppered with independent human-dominated city states ruled by ancient, crumbling houses and/or strict theocracies depending on the location. The economies of these cities is based on coastal trade in exotic goods and even slaves, and more recently has been revitalized by a growth in overseas trade.

Inland from the coast, nomadic and subsistence tribes dominate the landscape. The strongest of these often serve as conduits for the desirable trade goods sought by the coastal cities (spices, fruits, exotic animals and hides, etc.) from the continent’s interior. The weaker tribes often find themselves the victims of Gnollish slavers. Off the coast, volcanic islands serve as harbors for fishing villages and hideouts for pirates. Dwarven clans make their homes in some of the richer and less volatile volcanoes, harnessing the power of the lava chambers found at the heart of the mountains to craft metal goods of extraordinary quality.

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