Alfred Arless

Human Paladin of Heironeous


Alfred Arless was an orphan and never knew his parents. He was first raised in an orphanage, but fled and led a life of petty crime for several years.  When he was nine, Alfred was caught picking the pocket of a knight of Hieroneous, Sir Coyle, who took pity on the boy.  Sir Coyle adopted Alfred and raised him in the ways of Hieroneous, teaching Alfred structure, honor, chivalry and combat.

When Alfred came of age at sixteen, he was squired to the head of Coyle’s order, Sir Ziegler.  Where Sir Coyle was warm and tolerant, Sir Ziegler was cold and cruel to Alfred.  Sir Ziegler was disdainful of Alfred’s origins as a street urchin, and took every opportunity to humiliate Alfred and stop him from graduating to knighthood.  Only through strict adherence to the teachings of Sir Coyle was Alfred able to persevere and proceed on the path to knighthood.

Now Alfred is on his Mission, a quest where he must go out into the world and prove his worth to Hieroneous, to his Order and to Humankind.  Completion of his quest is a requirement for Alfred to become a full knight.  Alfred has chosen to travel away from the continent of his birth.  He wants to make his mark on the world, but he is also eager to be out from under the thumb of Sir Ziegler.

Alfred Arless

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